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Pennsylvania Online Lottery (PA iLottery) Review

Late in the summer of 1971, Pennsylvania’s legislators created the Commonwealth’s lottery. In the fall, Henry Kaplan was appointed the first executive director. On March 7, 1972, the first tickets were sold and the winning numbers were drawn eight days later.

A lot has happened in 48 years. The Pennsylvania Lottery has evolved from simple number games into an array of wildly exciting ways to win cash. In 2002, the Quaker State joined the national Powerball drawing, and eight years later became part of the Mega Millions.

Today there are annual millionaire raffles, wild card lotto draws, card type games and popular scratch-offs. Pennsylvania first ventured into online games in 1998. Ten years later, the PA iLottery was launched.

They became the seventh state to sell lottery tickets online. Since the first online games were released in May 2018, a lot has been added to the games board at the Pennsylvania Lottery. Last July, the Pennsylvania Lottery set records for both total sales and profits.

In November, the PA iLottery added a virtual horseracing game called Xpress Sports. To kick off 2020, Powerball and Mega Millions players can now purchase their tickets online. Here’s all you need to know about how to get an account, make deposits, claim prizes, plus some of the more exciting games you can play on the Pennsylvania Lottery online.

Pennsylvania Lottery New User Promotion

To give new users a head start, the Pennsylvania Lottery is giving you free money. To start, they are going to hand you $5 in free play money. Then, when you make your first deposit, the PA Lottery will match that deposit 100 percent, up to $250.

This free money to play any of the lottery games is easy to get. The promo code you need to use is easy to find. Remember, all bonus codes are case sensitive. Log in to or create a PA iLottery account. Go to the cashier page and pick a deposit method. This page is where you enter the promo code into the text box.

There is a list of deposit methods that you can use listed on this page. The minimum deposit is $10, but they will match any amount dollar-for-dollar up to $250. Follow the play through guidelines to have your matching deposit released as cash so you can play for huge prizes.

Pennsylvania Lottery Weekly Promotions

Besides giving you free money to get started, the Pennsylvania Lottery has a number of fun promotions. They offer ongoing special deals linked to certain games, plus daily and weekly promotions that are scheduled or announced at different times of the year.

Each week starts with the Mega Monday promotion. Players can earn a $2 bonus play on a $2 Mega Million purchase. Tuesday, there is a similar $2 bonus for the Powerball. On Wednesday, players can earn $5 back for every $250 you play.

This is called Magnified Wednesday. You can double your luck playing Double Your Luck on Fridays. When you play $5, you’ll automatically get a $5 bonus. Sundays the PA iLottery gives you the same $5 cash back deal for every $50 you play, just like on Wednesday.

Players can also get email notifications of new daily promotions as they happen. One ongoing promotion is for the James Bond 007 scratch-off game. When you play $50 worth of Bond 007 tickets, you’ll receive a coupon for a $10 scratch-off ticket.

How to Create a Pennsylvania Lottery Account

Getting in on all the run at the Pennsylvania Lottery is easy. Here are the steps to set up a free PA iLottery account. Once you finish setting up a new user account, we’ll show you how to make a deposit.

  1. Begin by entering a valid email address. Make sure you enter it correctly and duplicate it in the second email box.
  2. Create a safe a secure password. Retype the password exactly in the confirm password text box.
  3. Fill in the personal information including; full name, gender, date of birth, country of residence and full address.
  4. Set security for your new account by selecting and answering two security questions.
  5. Fill in the bonus code text box with any promo codes you have.
  6. You must click on the first three checkboxes confirming your age, that you certify all information is accurate, and that you understand no one else can use your personal account.
  7. Decide if you want to receive email or text messages from the PA iLottery. These final two check boxes are optional.
  8. Read the terms and conditions to review the rules and guidelines and then hit submit. You now have a free PA iLottery account and you’re ready to win.

How to Deposit on the Pennsylvania Lottery

The next thing you need to complete is to make that first deposit. Just like registering for a free account, the Pennsylvania Lottery makes it easy. Here are the methods and steps to deposit funds into your account, so you start playing to win.

Deposit Methods

There are five PA iLottery deposit methods. You can use an ACH e-Check, Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit), PayPal, iLottery WebCash, PA Play+ account, or use the PayNearMe to find a vendor close to your location.

  1. Select your deposit method.
  2. Be sure to enter the correct information in all text boxes.
  3. Confirm the amount of deposit. Deposits cannot be withdrawn after they are finalized.
  4. Click submit and check your account balance. You’re ready to win.


Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw your winnings using one of three methods. Transfer your winnings directly back to the bank account you have on record using an ACH eCheck. You can have winnings deposited into a PayPal account as long as that account is linked to a bank. Players can also transfer their winning directly to a PA iLottery Play+ account.

Pennsylvania Lottery Games

Now let’s take a look at some very popular games on the Pennsylvania Lottery that can be exciting ways for you to win cash. Play any of the dozens of games on the online Pennsylvania Lottery are easy.

Along the menu bar are seven options. You can get information draw games, including jackpot updates. There are also announcements for promotions and coupons for free plays.

Next along the row, are five menu items to play specific game types. You go navigate to the draw games where you can pick your numbers for any upcoming draw date. There are fun online scratch-off games.

Then you have a group of more than two-dozen fast cash games. Each game has the ticket price and prize amounts remaining. Each individual fast cash game page will post the overall odds of winning a prize.

Keno players would venture inside the next tab on the menu bar. Here you can see hot and cold numbers for the PA iLottery Keno games last 100 draws. You can view past results, prizes with odds of winning, plus where to watch.

The next game tab on the menu is for the exciting XPress Sports games. These are virtual racing games that draw every five minutes. One is a virtual horse race, and the other is a car race.

After you’ve reviewed the assortment of exciting games, don’t forget to explore the “More” drop down at the right side of the menu bar. Here you can find information about the VIP Club, past winners, PA lottery news and contact options. Here’s a brief list of some of the popular games to get you started winning cash.

  • Frosty Fun – Matching game with two bonus games. Prize multipliers and possible free plays.
  • Bigfoot – Match game with four grids. Three matching symbols wins prize.
  • Walrus Winnings – Match play game with bonus rounds.
  • Lucky You – Match symbols to win the corresponding prize, with bonus rounds.
  • Red Hot Keno – Interactive keno-style using 10 picked numbers to match 20 draws.
  • Neon Keno – Fun Keno-style game with auto play for up to 20 fast plays.
  • Holiday Big Money Slingo – Matching bingo-style game with a holiday theme.
  • Super Cash Buster – Collection-type game with individual mini-games.
  • Spooky 7X7 – Halloween-theme matching game
  • Dabloons – Dabloons uses a pirate theme for a seek-and-find type of game.
  • Derby Cash Horse Racing – Virtual horse racing game with drawings every five minutes.
  • XPress Car Racing – Exciting two-lap car race with drawings every five minutes.

How to Claim Prizes on the Pennsylvania Lottery

Claiming your prize winnings on the Pennsylvania Lottery is easy. You simply need to have a deposit method in place. You can use any of the three withdrawal methods listed above no matter what type of deposit choice you used.

However, it is faster and easier to use the ACH eCheck directly to your bank account on file. Go to your account page and select cashier. Pick one of the three withdrawal methods listed. PayPal withdrawals must be to an email address that matches the one used for your account.

ACH eCheck accounts must be verified. A voided check showing the routing and account numbers must be sent prior to receiving this type of withdrawal. You can also submit an official bank statement from the last 90-days.

All successful withdrawals will receive an email confirmation. Withdrawals are processed within 72 hours. Some processing times can be longer. Check with your bank to ensure your monies arrive safely.

Pennsylvania Lottery Website and Mobile App Review

The website and mobile app use a very comparable design. This is important if you play on both mobile devices and a PC. The layout for both screens is simple and easy to read. A vivid green is used as the predominant background for the text.

The fonts are easy to read. Bottom line information uses the green background with a bold white font. Where there are white borders, a deep green color is used for the text. The two color combinations blend together perfectly, making the site very readable.

Game icons are colorful rectangles, which are also easy to read. Names for the games are bold, with information on how to play reserved for the click through to the demo play. The demo plays are pop up video type screens.

While it might be helpful to have more readable text blocks explaining how to play, all information necessary is there. When you navigate to a demonstration page for any particular game, the website and mobile app make it easy to return to the home page, review more games, or go right to playing for real money.

Important pages, such as depositing funds and customer service, are well placed and easy to locate. Each of the deposit methods is aligned at the top of the bottom border. They are clickable icons. Just below the funding icons are each of the social media links.

The Pennsylvania Lottery finishes the page with neatly ordered links to important information. There is a direct link to contact information and how to become an affiliate. You can also quickly review the bonus and privacy policy pages.

They offer two instances where you can get further information on responsible gaming. At the end, the PA iLottery includes a full address with all contact information. The toll free numbers are listed for the main lottery offices, plus an 800 number to the Problem Gambling Hotline.


  • There is an excellent use of colors to distinguish between different sections of the various pages.
  • Menu bar is crisp and clean with bold font and readable colors on a white background.
  • Two quick sign in options to sign up for a new account or enter a VIP club account.
  • There is a question mark icon beside both account login icons, which opens into a window so you do not lose the page or information on the existing page.
  • The individual game icons are crisp and clean. There aren’t text boxes or icons until you scroll over each individual game picture.


  • The use of white space isn’t bad, but there is a lot of it wasted on certain information pages. This could be adjusted to save scrolling.
  • On the menu bar, the first tab is games. It would be helpful to have a list of basic game categories drop down similar to categories under other menu tabs.
  • There are no individual filters to target specific game types or game features like the games with the biggest prize amounts.


What is the Pennsylvania Lottery iLottery Reward Program?

The Pennsylvania Lottery rewards their players. The iLottery Reward Program involves various promotions through what they call the VIP Club. Each VIP Club member can take advantage of a few extra perks. It’s free to be a member.

VIP Club members can use non-winning scratch-offs or other fast play and game draw tickets for a chance to win lottery prizes. Members will receive daily promotion updates, plus notice of special giveaways and free coupons.

If you’re a PA iLottery VIP Club member, you can also customize how you receive notifications. Club members can get winning number alerts posted to their email account or through text messages.

How to Contact Customer Service

Getting answers to your questions is important. The Pennsylvania realizes you want easy access to these answers. The Pennsylvania Lottery gives you four ways to get the help you need. All customer service options, including the toll-free phone access, are available 24-hours a day.

First, they provide a help searchable help center. Click on the link and follow the simple instructions to ask a question. If you cannot find your answer in the help center, there is a live chat window located in the bottom right-hand corner.

Just type a question click submit, and the live chat window will appear. You can also call the toll free Pennsylvania Lottery phone number, 1-833-530-PLAY (7529). The fourth option is to send them an email with your questions or concerns to

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Pennsylvania Lottery Anonymous?

Pennsylvania follows the same legal precedent set by other state lotteries. While all play is anonymous and your privacy protected, Pennsylvania Lottery winners cannot remain anonymous. Certain information can be posted. It helps to prove to the public that winners are real.

Where are the Pennsylvania Lottery offices?

The primary headquarters for the Pennsylvania Lottery is on Fulling Mill Road in Middleton, Pennsylvania. There are also seven branch locations in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, Clearfield, Erie and Lehigh Valley.

How to redeem Pennsylvania Lottery tickets?

You can use one of the Pennsylvania Lottery PlayCentral Terminals (PCT) to redeem winning lottery tickets. These tickets can be worth up to $600. The PCTs do not dispense cash. You can receive credits to play more games or select a cash voucher option to redeem at a lottery retailer or branch office.

How to check Pennsylvania Lottery numbers?

Go to the home page on the Pennsylvania Lottery website. In the upper left corner is an icon for Winning Numbers and Jackpots. There is a red button for each of the draw games on the Pennsylvania Lottery. Select the game you want to display recent winning numbers.

How much is the Pennsylvania Lottery tax?

Lottery winnings in Pennsylvania use the state’s 3.07 personal income tax rate. The Pennsylvania Lottery will withhold taxes on all winning amounts over $5,000. Prize winners of more than $600 generate a W-2G form, which must be submitted with state tax filings.

How does Pennsylvania Lottery near me work?

The Pennsylvania Lottery Near Me is a locator for retail choices for lottery transactions. You can enter a zip code and then select a range of distances from an adjacent drop-down menu. All retailers within your chosen distance will be shown.

What channel does Pennsylvania Lottery come on?

Each market has a designated channel for the Pennsylvania Lottery drawings. In Pittsburgh, the channel is WPIX. People in Philadelphia and surrounding communities can watch the drawings on channel 29. Other areas should check local listings for a channel in their region of the state. You can also use the Play Online tab and watch drawings from current and past draws.

What were Pennsylvania Lottery numbers tonight?

There are a couple of options to get the winning numbers on the Pennsylvania Lottery. The quickest way to get the latest winners is by going to the Play Online tab and selecting view winning numbers and jackpots. You can also get a winning numbers history by selecting the adjacent tab and entering your ticket date.

Can I scan my Pennsylvania Lottery ticket?

The Pennsylvania Lottery has a ticket checker feature on each ticket. You scan the barcode found at the bottom of draw and fast play tickets. Scratch-off tickets have an area under the scratch-off that shows the barcode to indicate if a ticket is a winner using the ticket checker.

Can I buy Pennsylvania Lottery tickets online?

With the new Play Online feature, lottery players can purchase any draw game ticket or online game using their free online account. You can purchase tickets on any mobile device using the app or on a PC by visiting the PA iLottery website and signing into your account.