I’ve already loved competition and games. Whether I was playing cards, horse, video games or watching a sports game, I always wanted to win. The natural progression of this competitive nature is to increase the stakes. I enjoy the extra thrill of having something riding on the competition. I also enjoy the idea of winning money. Who doesn’t need extra money?

We have a family tradition of scratchers as presents and those moments are etched into my mind. It’s a ton of fun to sit there with the anticipation. When I found out that the PA Lottery had online games, I jumped right in. The instant games are actually really entertaining. I was pleasantly surprised. You may not get the exact same feeling as holding a Powerball ticket in your hands or a paper scratcher, but it’s a great time.

The product of my interest is this website. The Pennsylvania lottery has a ton of tradition. In March 1972, the first lottery tickets were sold in Pennsylvania. The lottery started seven months after a state lottery was created by the General Assembly the previous summer. After 26 years of retail success, the Pennsylvania Lottery went online in 1998.

Over the last 20 years, the website has improved and exciting new games have been added. Players can also purchase tickets for the popular national draw games such as Powerball online.

Here are seven of the top online games I think you’ll enjoy on the Pennsylvania Lottery. Click through to see how to play them and the prizes you can win.

Pennsylvania Keystone Cash
Double Your Luck
James Bond 007
Clover Cash
Jungle Tumble
Pennsylvania Payout
Lucky You

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Best of Luck!


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