Clover Cash

Matching games are always an exciting way to win cash. With reasonable odds to win a prize of some amount, Clover Cash is one of the more popular matching games on the Pennsylvania Lottery.

What is Clover Cash?

This is a match-three game using seven rows across the game screen. Each of three areas on the screen will reveal symbols. There is an area that will display the prize amounts won. You have a chance to win as many as seven prizes on one play in Clover Cash.

Mobile Experience Review

The main game piece blasts color. The left side of the board is a deep purple, accented on the right side by a vibrant combination of orange and green. Your center game piece will have three columns, each with seven rows.

The prize amounts for matching symbols is a fourth column to the right of the game screen. Each tile is easy-to-read, accented by a clover in the center. When you click on the tile, the symbol is revealed.

How to Play

• You begin Clover Cash by picking your game play amount.
• Game plays start at $0.05 and go as high as $4.00.
• In between are options at $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, or $3.00.
• You then determine how many rows you want to play, up to seven.
• Rows that are not selected for that game will stay blank.
• The total cost of your play will be the amount you chose multiplied by the number of rows.
• You can then uncover one tile at a time or select Reveal All.
• The goal is to match three symbols in any one of the rows on the screen.

How to Win

• Three matching symbols across any of the rows will win the designated prize amount.
• Total amount won shows up at the end of the game. This is at the bottom of the game screen.
• Free games are awarded when you uncover three Clover symbols.
• All prize amounts in the free games are automatically multiplied by five.


Prize amounts can be from a $1 winner all the way up to $10,000. Include the bonus multiplier, and you could win $50,000 playing Clover Cash. Free games that are won by uncovering the three Clover symbols begin automatically after the main game.