Double Your Luck

Matching games are an exciting way to win quick cash. They are easy to play, plus many have appealing odds of winning prizes. Double Your Luck is one of the matching-style games available from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

What is Double Your Luck?

Double Your Luck can be a match-3 or match-4 game setup. You can also select to play either one grid or a two grid game board. There is an opportunity to unlock as many as five free games on either of the grids.

Mobile Experience Review

The musical accompaniment on Double Your Luck adds to the Leprechaun charm. The game background is a vibrant green with a colorful arching rainbow across the top of the game grids. The game grids look like little grass houses shaded by a tree.

Once you select how many grids you want, either both will stay, or one will disappear, leaving one dirt pathway leading up to a door. You then begin to reveal individual squares on the grid. Below are the full instructions for how to play Double Your Luck, plus how to win.

How to Play

• First step is to use the plus or minus buttons to select your game amount for one game.
• The number of grids you want to play sets the Double Your Luck amount. Pick your number of grids.
• The price per grid is from $0.10 to $15.00.
• The default game play is two $0.50 grids for a total amount of $1.
• Next, click the play button to play a single round at a time.
• You can also choose “Auto Play”, which generates up to 20 rounds automatically.
• Tiles will begin to drop onto the play grid. As they fall down, a new row will randomly re-emerge.
• Pick individual titles, one at a time to uncover the symbol underneath.
• You can also quickly uncover all the tiles by using the Reveal All option.

How to Win

• To win you match three or four symbols in a grid.
• If you reveal three Leprechauns, you will unlock up to five free games.
• All the free games are played using a single grid.
• Each free game is a guaranteed winner.


Free games are the first prize to keep an eye out for. These are awarded when you reveal three Leprechauns on a main game grid. The bonus game will be a single four-by-four grid. During the free game phase, all regular game prizes are doubled.

Free games will have a guaranteed winner. Regular Double Your Luck game grids award prizes according to the prize chart for three and four matching symbols. You can win up to a $2,000 instant prize on the main game grid and up to $4,000 on bonus grids.