James Bond 007

The next Pennsylvania Lottery game on our list of seven is named after the famous secret agent James Bond. Notice that the James Bond 007™ has received trademark authorization for the James Bond brand. The game debuted a new series in February.

What is James Bond 007?

James Bond 007 is another Pennsylvania Lottery matching game. You choose between a match 3 or match 4 setup. There is a chance of opening up between 7 and 10 free game bonuses. Auto Play will let you play up to 20 rounds automatically.

Mobile Experience Review

The visuals used in this game reflect the fictional James Bond character. A centered game board with 16 squares has the swirling target eye familiar to 007 movie goers. One the left side is an easy-to-read prize chart.

Auto Play, Play and Reveal All tabs sit big and bold on the right bottom corner. Icons on the game board are large and crisp set against a dark background. As with all Pennsylvania online lottery games you can choose to turn off the sound.

How to Play

• Click using the plus or minus buttons to pick a game amount.
• Game tickets are available in the following amounts – $0.10, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00 and $30.00.
• The default game play amount for James Bond 007 is $1.
• Click the play tab to play a single round at a time.
• Begin to open individual tiles by clicking on the tile.
• You can also Reveal All to open all the tiles automatically.

How to Win

Prizes are awarded for three and four matching symbols.

The Prize Chart on the left side displays what you win for particular symbol matches.

When you see three or four Globes, you will activate either 7 or 10 bonuses. These are called Trips to Save the World.

Three Globes equals 7 Trips to Save the World, and four Globes awards 10.

When you reveal three or four 007™ game symbols, these will win you 7 to 10 free games.

Watch for a Gold Q Branch symbol. This symbol instantly multiplies any prize seven times.


You have the chance to win up to 16 times on a single James Bond 007 play. The potential top prize is $300,000. There are also prize payouts from $7,000 down to a $10 winner. The odds of winning $10 drop below 10 to 1.

When you win one of the Trips to Save the World, one of four symbols could appear. A Better Luck Next Time wins nothing. A Spectre symbol, Jet, or another Globe wins the instant prize shown.