Jungle Tumble

Multi-match games are a lot of fun. They give you additional chances of reaching the game goal, which is to match symbols. Jungle Tumble such a game that also can trigger one of two separate bonus games inside the main game.

What is Jungle Tumble?

Jungle Tumble is a matching game with multiple tile options. As the game unfolds, you will notice it has some similarities to a slot machine as tiles fall into place and winning symbols are revealed. Matching symbols drop off the game board and new tiles drop automatically.

Mobile Experience Review

Jungle Tumble begins with a colorful center of all the game play options. The outside dark borders make the game easy-to-read on mobile. When you click start, you will see an immediate change.

The main game board is full of vibrant center tiles blended with jungle-themes around the outside. Some game play tabs get lost in the color scheme, but they aren’t terribly hard to locate. Game tiles fall and when you match, they explode and your winnings amount is vividly shown in bright yellow.

How to Play

• You start your Jungle Tumble game by using the plus and minus symbols to set a game amount.
• After you set your game play amount, click the Play tab to launch a new game.
• The play grid in the middle of your game board will begin to fill up automatically.
• Your play grid changes as three matching symbols disappear.
• The grid will refill again with new symbols in the empty spaces.
• Your prize chances increase as you add clusters of matching symbols.

How to Win

• You begin winning as the clusters start to show on the bottom row.
• Every time you match a cluster of symbols, the Prize Multiplier will increase one space.
• It will start at one times the prize amount and can increase as high as five times.
• Your total cash prize will be the amount multiplied by the number you reached on the multiplier graph.


Prize awards start at a dime on Jungle Tumble. This is a game with good odds to cover the amount spent on a game play. Winning amounts increase by $0.10 up to $1. Then, prizes increase in random increments up to a top prize amount of $5,000.

You can also win during the regular game. The two mini games are a Wheel Bonus Game and a Chest Bonus. During the Wheel Bonus, you win whatever prize is shown when the wheel stops. Uncover three Chests in the Chest Bonus round and win the prize shown.