Lucky You

In our final Pennsylvania Lottery game, you’ll work to match symbols. There aren’t the same rules as three and four match games. Lucky You could mean lucky you when you uncover a matching game symbol.

What is Lucky You?

This is a game where you win by matching symbols. The center of the game piece is a 12 square grid. In the middle is the target symbol to match. Each of the 12 tiles is around this center symbol. Match the center symbol, and you win the prize under that symbol.

Mobile Experience Review

The first thing about playing this game on a mobile device is the vivid use of colors. The game presents on a background with dark trees on either side. The center is a deep blue sky scene with a rainbow behind the center icons.

The screen will brighten when you select start. A large green Play circle is on the right, with a smaller red Auto Play right above. The number of plays, play amount and total cost are posted on little wooden sign plaques. The 12 available tiles are evenly spaced around the center symbol.

How to Play

• To start Lucky You, you select how many plays you want.
• There are 12 options that will appear below the play grid.
• Use the plus or minus buttons to select how much you want each play you selected to cost.
• You pick between $0.05 and $2.00 for a single Lucky You play.
• The game will multiply the number of plays you chose by this amount.
• If you pick one game for $1, the total cost will be $1. If you elect to play 12 games at $1, the total cost will be $12.
• Click play and start to uncover one tile at a time or choose Reveal All.
• Your game is over when the potential winning symbols match the number of plays you chose.

How to Win

• Lucky You is a simple game. To win you, you need to find a matching symbol.
• A Unicorn symbol will automatically multiply a prize amount by five times.
• A matching winning tile with a rainbow background will award one of two bonus games.
• The Rainbow Road or Rainbow Slide bonus games start automatically after the main game ends.
• Which bonus game you receive is generated at random.


There are cash prize amounts in Lucky You from $1 up to $4,000. A Unicorn symbol uncovered on a $4,000 prize award would win $20,000. Rainbow Road and Rainbow Slide prizes are uncovered as you move along the road and slide.

Rainbow slide awards cash prizes based on the number of coins you collect. In Rainbow Road, you move along spaces on the road. As a space is revealed, it will have a multiplier. After three trips using the wheel, the original game play amount will be multiplied by the multiplier uncovered.

These are seven super exciting games from the Pennsylvania Lottery. There are dozens more for you to try, plus you can pick your numbers for draw games where the right numbers could make you a millionaire. Every winner has one thing in common, they all played. Grab your free Pennsylvania Lottery account and start your own winning streak today.