Pennsylvania Payout

There are matching games that reveal symbols as match winners. This is a key number matching game. Inside Pennsylvania Payout are also opportunities to open mini bonus games that balloon your chances of winning.

What is Pennsylvania Payout?

This is a match-style game that uses key numbers instead of symbols. The goal is to match your Gold Stars with the winning number. Prizes are awarded for every match. There are three colors of Keystones, Gold, Silver and Bronze. These Keystones trigger mini bonus games inside the main game.

Mobile Experience Review

The game piece replicates a scratch-off ticket you might purchase at a lottery vendor. Pennsylvania Payout uses a deep green background to accent the gold borders around individual sections.

The center board has 15 stars that will reveal your potential winning number matches. Under these stars may also be one of the three Keystones for bonus games. The Play, Auto Play and selection arrows are a pale green. They are a little difficult to see, but once you know where they are, it’s not a problem.

How to Play

• Start by choosing an amount for your game play.
• Pay amounts for Pennsylvania Payout are $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, or $2.00.
• Next, you decide whether to play 5, 10, or 15 of the stars on the play grid.
• Total game play amounts are the amount chosen times by the number of stars played.
• You must select a minimum of five stars.
• The possible winning numbers are shown in a number grid above the game board.
• Select Play and begin to uncover the stars one at a time or using Reveal All.
• At the beginning of the game, you can elect to use Auto Play for automatic rounds up to 20.

How to Win

• When you hit a matching number under any of the stars, you win the prize under the star.
• Free mini games activate when you reveal one of the three Keystone symbols.
• In the bonus games, you will see a spinning wheel.
• Click on GO in the middle of the wheel to start the mini game.
• When the wheel stops, you win the prize that is shown.


The smallest prize you can win on Pennsylvania Payout is $3. Prize amounts range from this minimum all the way up to $10,000. There are enticing odds of winning a $400 or $500 cash prize as well.